Generally I am not a moody person who’ll fly off the handle for no rhyme or reason. I’m not the kind of person who’ll walk along a shopping aisle and have an insatiable urge to eat a packet of Chuckles while I do my weekly shopping. And then do so and pay for an empty packet too.


Or someone who will sit on the couch watching my favourite television show after dinner with a 500 gram slab of nutty chocolate on my lap and eats the lot.


I’m controlled and happy and nice. At least I used to be – but life’s stresses and demands got the better of me after a personal tragedy and I started doing things that are completely out of character and out of line. You know how it is:


Everything is peaceful and quiet on a Saturday afternoon as I water my pot-plants and suddenly, for no reason, I’m irritated. I look at my best friend chatting to me quietly from the patio and I want to chop her head off. Everything she says is getting on my nerves; even her voice jangles in my ears and I just can’t stand it. In fact I wish she’d go. Leave right now – and I can’t explain why I feel like that either.   I’ve gone to buy some lovely fresh vegetables from my greengrocer and as I return to my car, loaded to the hilt with yummy cauliflower, broccoli and beans (as a person who is mostly vegetarian I eat lots of veggies) and a load of papaya too. As I off-load my veggies, a whiff of braai-ing boerewors hits me I must have one right now. I want the greasy and the fat and the desire is so great I cannot possibly resist. So here I sit, behind the steering wheel, a wax packet in my hands munching a boerewors roll, with onions and tomatoes. And I can’t stop: I must eat it all and eat it all now.


I’m sure you’ll understand my confusion as these impulses overtake me. If it happened only once or twice, I might be able to right it off to hormones or some other nonsense (like road rage and bad drivers) or the natural human stresses that living inflicts on us every day.


But it’s none of these: it’s simply inexplicable mood swings; unjustifiable levels of tension and a general lack of well-being that runs right through me.


I took one elev8 the following day and, for the first time in months, I could literally feel my mood lift. I didn’t even remember taking the pill. I didn’t think about elev8 at all.


I just kept taking it and slowly I realised that I was being my old self again. I was laughing, joking, and even singing along to the music on my iPod while I worked.


Most of all I was nice to myself and I felt, within a few days, that I was coping better with my work and my concentration improved.


Now I take my elev8 every day and wow, has it made a difference . . . to the way I feel, the way I eat, and the way I sleep.


Now I can walk past the Chuckles as I leave Woolies with my fresh foods and veggies and not feel the slightest twinge; I can even sit with a slab of chocolate on my lap and eat just a block or two.


Most importantly, I’m not irritable or stressed anymore; so when a taxi driver pushes in on the main road to pick up a straggler, I smile at him and let him in. I even get rewarded with flicking thank-you lights and a friendly wave.


When my friends come round their voices no longer jangle in my ears and I can listen to them instead of judge them too.


And, do you know what? I’m actually a nice person after all.


Without a doubt it’s elev8 that has made the difference. I’m so glad to be feeling myself again.